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Ms. Courtney O'Keefe

Thomas O'Hare

Charles Sillari Jr.

Somerville Firefighters Association

Edwin J. Smith

Carol A Antonelli

Mr. Michael P. Avery

Mr. Edward F. Bean Jr.

Joseph Benoit

Marilyn Benoit

Ms. Eleanor T. Blue

Mr. Eugene C. Brune

Mr. Stephen D. Buckley

Ms. Ann M. Busnach

Ms. Loretta M. Canniff

Ralph V. Carli

Thomas J. Carli

Paul Carroll

Mr. Joseph G. Chromy Jr.

John Colbert

Mr. Paul Connolly

Robert H. Costello Jr.

Gregory Coughlin

Brian Craven

Claire F. Croken

Mr. Joseph A. Joe Curtatone

Adam Dash

Mr. David F Dickerson

Richard G. Digirolamo

Mr. David R. Durnam

Paul Errico

Sandra J. Gale

Mr. Joseph J. Galvin Jr.

Mr. Robert E. Gayne

Mr. Richard Graf

Mr. Robert C Gregory

Thomas Hoopes

Mr. Daniel G. Hovanesian

Stephen M. Kelley

Stephen E. Kusman

Mr. Timothy F. Lenicheck

Mr. Richard Liberatore

Jane Lindhorst

Wade Linshorst

Gerald Malone

Francis A. Mancini

David M. Mangan

Mr. Paul S. Martins

Mr. Gerald A. McCue

Ms. Sandra L. Mcgoldrick

Robert G. Mcsweeney

David F. O'Brien

Mr. James F. O'Callaghan

Charles F. O'Rourke

Ms. Martha W. Pantanella

Mr. Christos Poutahidis

Mr. Francis J. Scannell

Joseph S. Smalarz

Terrence J. Smith

Mr. Raymond A. Snow

Kathleen M. Sullivan

Allen Talewsky

David Tauro

Dan Wiseman

Mr. Raymond Zonghetti

John Amaral

Houman Baiany

Neal Bastas

Julia Cruz

Paul Collyer

Peter and Janice Forcellese

Insurance Agents and Brokers of Massachusetts

Richard and Maureen Liberatore

Kristopher and Mary Ogonowksy




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